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Update, Thoughts...

So most of my friends are going back to school, but I go back on January 28th so I've still got a while. I suppose that the next few weeks will be a bit slow. I won't have Carissa. No more Dorey. I will have Alex Wong, but I doubt we will hangout a lot haha. Ah well...I still have Sam so that is definitely a plus side. I love that boy. He can be bratty, but I love the heck out of him whether he knows it or not!

New Years Eve: Left a party, came home and watched Kathy Griffin with my mom and grandpa.

Recently: Bought "Pirates" with Sam ahahahah. Best movie ever-sort of. :)

Right now I am just pretty bored. I have my stupid tooth positioner in so I can't exactly talk. It's around 2 o'clock and I'm bored. Carissa left this morning at 10:30 I think. Sam is sick and still sleeping. Dorey is packing. I have no clue what Alex is doing. And I could care less about most everyone else, expect a few people. E.g. Addy, Colin, Charly, and Mona. Those are about all the people I care about right now. Everyone else I don't really think about. Haha.

I don't remember how to change my picture on this thing soooooooo if anyone is interested in helping me out I would greatly appreciate it---seeing as my picture is what 4 years old? Time to move on for sure!
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